Laundry brand hopes to disrupt market with aluminium refills

Ripl Efek's patented stainless steel detergent dispenser alongside a white refill can of laundry detergent. Both are laid on a soft brown quilt.

Sustainable detergent brand Ripl Efek hopes to revolutionise the laundry industry with the launch of a patented dispenser.

Ripl Efek is on a mission to transform the laundry industry with a patented laundry detergent dispenser system that’s focused on reducing the carbon footprint of getting clean. 

The proprietary laundry detergent dispenser is made of stainless steel, while the refillable laundry detergent refills are made from infinitely recyclable aluminium.

Ripl Efek said: “The detergent dispenser’s internal wheels are designed for a smooth roll and secure hold for the refill, which is made to last. The dispenser’s body is crafted from stainless steel and complemented with a zinc spout, ensuring the formula never touches plastic. 

“We designed a simple & secure glass cap that also ensures your formula doesn’t touch plastic and our refill cans are designed from aluminium for infinite recyclability.” 

Every Ripl Efek detergent vessel is 100% free of single-use plastic, lightweight for ease of us, refillable and fingerprint-proof. 

Ripl Efek plans to launch a suite of products for both retail and wholesale customers with the goal of making a difference on a large scale and will be announcing new products soon.
Additionally, Ripl Efek announced a partnership with CleanHub aimed at creating more awareness around waste management, including reducing the use of plastic.

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