Olive oil brand launches nitrogen sealed ‘beer can’ refills

Two Graza refill cans with vibrant green labels.

Olive oil brand Graza has announced the on-shelf debut of its nitrogen-sealed “beer can” refills across the US in select Whole Foods Market stores.

Graza’s founders – Andrew Benin and Allen Dushi – recognised an industry need for quality olive refill option, noting that standardised large-bulk containers were not ideal for maintaining olive oil quality as they invite rapid oxidation. 

The duo set out to create a refillable option that maintained maximum integrity of the extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) while being perfectly portioned for Graza’s first-to-market squeeze bottles. From there, the idea for “beer can” refills was born.

“We’ve been dreaming up our second innovation in the olive oil category since we launched in January of 2022,” said Graza CEO and Co-Founder, Andrew Benin. “Having the support of a world-class retail supplier in Whole Foods Market is a superpower. We are excited to bring our perfectly-portioned beer can refills to Whole Foods Market shelves, empowering customers to procure Graza EVOO that has been nitrogen-sealed for maximum freshness in a lightweight and fully recyclable can.”

With the addition of Graza’s Sizzle “Refill” Cooking EVOO and Drizzle “Refill” Finishing EVOO, current Graza customers can refill their Graza Squeeze Bottles, and customers who have their own olive oil carafes can buy 100% recyclable Graza refills to use at home.

“We have been champions of the Graza brand since they came to market two years ago, so when Andrew and Allen told us they wanted to create an EVOO refill solution, we were immediately onboard,” said Brooke Gil, Principal Category Merchant of Olive Oil at Whole Foods Market. “The beer cans are such a creative way to execute something that almost every kitchen has, and as their leading retailer we’re excited to bring this innovation to our customers.”

You might be wondering: why the beer can format? Apart from being made from 100% recyclable aluminium, the beer can is a culturally celebrated and familiar vessel, providing Americans with joyous beverage experiences from seltzer, soda, and beer, to non-alcoholic beverages. “Emotional resonance is high,” explained Benin. “Plus, EVOO beer cans are lightweight, providing optimal shipping conditions that keep costs as low as possible for our customers. Beer cans are also 100% opaque, protecting our oil from the oxidative force of light.”

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