Asda launches first range of canned wine

Asda is launching its first range of wine cans – ‘Pica Pica’ – with six new varieties. 

Pioneering summer flavours, Asda’s Pica Pica wine cans consist of two white, two rosé and two sparkling wine varieties. 

Priced at just £2.50 each for 250ml (£7.50/75cl), it is the equivalent of ordering a ‘large’ glass of wine from a bar or pub.

Asda’s Pica Pica Sauvignon Blanc (£2.50) is a floral, passionfruit, and citrus flavoured South African wine with vibrant, zesty notes. Additionally, the Pica Pica Viognier (£2.50) contains hints of apricot, peach and lemon which are complemented with refreshing floral aromatics, ideal for white wine lovers.

Rosé ready? The Pica Pica range contains two excellent options. The Pica Pica White Zinfandel (£2.50) is classically bright and fruity, with a well-balanced natural sweetness and subtle watermelon and strawberry flavours.

Alternatively, the Pica Pica Pinot Grigio Rosé (£2.50) is a floral, red cherry and white-peach flavoured Italian wine with a clean, crisp, and fruity red berry style.

Bubbly is no longer reserved for bottles, with the range touting two new sparkling wines. The Pica Pica Sparkling White (£2.50) contains notes of apple and tropical fruit, with the Pica Pica Sparkling Rosé (£2.50) offering a vibrant strawberry and white peach fruit twist alongside its vibrant bubbles.

Alongside the whites, rosés and sparkling wines, the Pica Pica range will also feature two canned wine cocktails from the 17th June, designed to rival the pricier canned cocktails and cost just £2.00.

The Pica Pica Cassis & Sparkling Wine Spritz (£2.00) is a delicious wine cocktail, rich with the flavours of blackcurrant and blackberry fruit. Or, as a refreshing alternative the Pica Pica Elderflower & Mint Wine Spritz (£2.00) is a lighter wine cocktail with notes of lime, elderflower and mint.

Commenting on the new range, Asda’s Wine Buyer, Stephanie Fleming, says: “As always, we’re committed to delivering premium, trend-led products at fantastic prices. Asda’s new Pica Pica wine can range is ideal for those looking to enjoy high-quality wine ‘on-the-go’ or try new wines – we don’t doubt the cans will become a customer favourite this summer, especially with rumours of a summer heatwave on the horizon!”

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