Bound2B and Xolution Germany settle patent dispute


Bound2B B.V. and Xolution Germany GmbH, the creators of several resealable beverage can patents and technologies, has announced the settlement of a dispute relating to the infringement of European Patent 1 708 930, covering a resealing device and a resealable can.

The dispute included a preliminary injunction obtained by Bound2B against Xolution at the District Court Düsseldorf in March 2024.

The parties achieved their common objective to provide legal certainty for each other and along the value chain for the past, present and future.  This includes the termination or release of any infringement procedures, disputes and litigations between the parties, including Xolution’s direct and indirect customers and suppliers

The settlement also includes Xolution’s acquisition of the patent family for Bound2B’s resealable can solutions, in particular European Patent 1 708 930 and US Patents 7,819,280 and 7,823,740. Thus, moving forward, Xolution will enjoy freedom to operate also under the IPs purchased from Bound2B.

Bound2B is an innovations company focusing on the development of new products and solutions for a range of industries, with a particular emphasis on the global drinks market. The company is the creator of several resealable beverage can patents including resealable end for drinks cans, used by high profile, global drinks manufacturers including The Coca-Cola Company and Monster Beverage Corporation.        

Xolution Germany GmbH is an innovation company focused on the development, production and distribution of resealable beverage can lids used by global beverage manufacturers. 

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