Budweiser backs Bank Holiday calls

Budweiser, the Official Beer of England, and Sir Geoff Hurst are together launching an ambitious plea aimed at His Majesty King Charles III to declare a bank holiday, if the England Men’s football team achieves a momentous win on Sunday and following on from the Lionesses historic victory in 2022.

Sir Geoff Hurst, the last remaining legend from the winning 1966 team, has penned a letter to His Majesty, asking for an extra day of celebrations for the nation to truly come together

To help with the chances of the bank holiday dream turning into reality, Budweiser is also calling on the nation to do their bit too, by backing its online petition for the #BudBankHoliday, which can be found here https://chng.it/kjKdT5FnnFAll fans need to do is add their name to the petition to show their support.

The campaign for a #BudBankHoliday, if successful, will enable England football fans to celebrate a historic win together by enjoying a huge national moment over a long weekend. 

As seen with past major tournament wins, such as that of the Argentina Men’s team in 2022, it is not uncommon for a country to be given a national holiday to celebrate such a momentous achievement. 

Coupled with the fact that England has among the lowest number of bank holidays in Europe and the unique opportunity to celebrate two incredible teams winning a major tournament (with the Lionesses bringing the trophy home in 2022), the #BudBankHoliday will be the chance of a lifetime for the nation.

Brian Perkins, President, Budweiser Brewing Group UK&I from AB InBev added: “Winning the trophy on Sunday night would be a huge national moment, not just for the players, but for the fans too. As the Official Beer of England, we recognise the unique and unwavering spirit that comes with being an England supporter. 

“On the dedication demonstrated time and time again by the devoted fans, a bank holiday reward is more than deserved. We hope the team pulls off the historical win on Sunday, to join the Lionesses as the latest European Champions, allowing the nation to witness sporting greatness in what will be sure to be a moment of a lifetime!”

The launch of the petition follows the creation of 12 million redesigned Budweiser ‘Home’ cans which were ‘blessed’ by Sir Geoff Hurst ahead of the tournament. The cans feature the words “Let’s Bring it Home” embossed on the side and a Three Lions crest, as well as an inscription of a blessing from Sir Geoff Hurst.

Sir Geoff Hurst shared, “From the very beginning I have believed in this talented team going all the way and feel privileged to have passed on the winning spirit of the 1966 team, by blessing the ‘Home’ cans.

“It’s a real honour to be a part of football history once more, by leading the campaign for a bank holiday so that everyone can make the most of the win, if and when it happens.

“Thanks to the dedication of the team and unwavering support from England’s fans, we’re very close to victory. It’s about time we have something to celebrate as a nation, and a bank holiday would make a win even more special for millions of supporters across the country.”

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