John West tuna packaging switches to recyclable aluminium strip

John West strips their best-selling tuna products from excess packaging, making it as easy as a twist to enjoy. The new John West ECOTWIST multipack reduces waste and is fully recyclable. 

ECOTWIST is John West’s take on making their products easier than ever to enjoy and recycle. The market leader in tuna has eliminated excess packaging from its best-selling ranges – no shrink wrap, no cardboard – just an aluminium strip that keeps their can towers together and is fully recyclable together with the can.

Mark Doherty, Managing Director at John West Foods, said: “We have an ambition to be the most sustainable ambient fish brand in the UK by the end of 2025. “ECOTWIST is the best packaging and product we have ever brought to our consumers. We have spent three years developing ECOTWIST to reduce packaging waste in our consumers’ lives and to make our quality products taste and look even better. 

“It’s the ultimate faff-free solution to busy lives – storing and opening the cans is so easy and thanks to no excess packaging, recycling has never been easier, saving our consumers time to enjoy our healthy and nutritious products.”

 John West has developed the patent-pending can tower, held together by the so-called SmartStrip. The team redesigned the can, ensuring it holds the same amount of John West tuna but saving over 400 tonnes of steel annually.

The smaller, lighter designed can also reduces the amount of other contents in the product, the sunflower oil, spring water, or brine, saving an additional 1,500 tonnes of ingredients that consumers typically discard down the sink.

Chris Shearlock, European Sustainability Director for parent company Thai Union, said: “ECOTWIST was designed to meet John West’s ambitious packaging sustainability targets. They avoid approximately 65 tonnes of plastic shrink wrap or around 300 tonnes of cardboard equivalent annually. 

“John West’s SmartStrip has been independently verified as fully recyclable, so consumers can recycle the cans in one piece through the UK kerbside recycling network.”

John West has the ambition to move all their products into sustainable packaging by the end of next year, with ECOTWIST significantly advancing this goal. All John West ‘no drain’ ECOTWIST products are already MSC-certified and the Company plans to have their entire ECOTWIST® range MSC-certified by the end of 2025. 

They have the ambition to have their entire tuna portfolio MSC-certified to become the most sustainable ambient seafood brand in the UK.

John West already offers the highest number of MSC-labelled products in the UK in the ambient tuna category, ahead of all other brands and the retailers’ own brands.

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