TESEM Group promises to enhance shine of PCR aluminium

TESEM, a prominent global producer of aluminium and plastic components for various industries including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and spirits, has introduced an advanced technology called BRI&Va. 

This innovative solution aims to enhance the shine of Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) aluminium.

After two years of intensive research and development, this patent-pending technology ensures that PCR aluminium with a high recycled content can achieve a brilliance similar to that of virgin anodised aluminium. This allows brands to maintain the luxurious look of their glossy metal packaging while using sustainable materials.

TESEM highlights that BRI&Va technology encourages the use of high-content PCR aluminium, aiding clients in their sustainability goals. According to TESEM, replacing virgin aluminium with 20 percent PCR aluminium can lead to a 78.9% reduction in CO2 emissions.

“This aluminium technology does not exist on the market right now, and it makes it possible to obtain all the colours of anodised aluminium. Chanel has already showed interest in BRI&VA. The brand has been working with our team to be able to use it”, says Patrick Bousquel, Sales and Marketing Director.

Currently, the technology is in the scaling-up phase. TESEM is working closely with Chanel, which is interested in implementing BRI&Va technology. This innovation will be showcased at TESEM’s booth during the LuxePack Monaco show, set to take place from September 30 to October 2 this year.

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