Asahi Super Dry cans replicate draft beer experience

Japanese brewer Asahi will launch a new draft version of its ‘Super Dry’ beer that comes in a can.

The new cans designed by Asahi have a special feature that allows drinkers to tear off the entire top in a bid to try and replicate the experience of drinking the beer on draft in a pub or bar.

Asahi Breweries Ltd have also done something special inside the can with tiny bumps that act to create more head on the beer when it is opened.

A state of emergency was declared in Tokyo in recent days due to a spike in coronavirus cases with all bars having to shut until February.

With this likely to be the case for some time and more demand from people drinking at home, Asahi have been creative to try and replicate the same experience.

Their new ‘Super Dry’ in a can will be available in Japan from April in hope that it will boost sales for the company that seen sales drop by 40 per cent in 2020.

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