Ball name new president of beverage packaging

Ball Corporation

The Ball Corporation have appointed Carey Causey as its president of beverage packaging.

Announcing the news on LinkedIn, Carey Causey wrote: “I am excited to have taken on a new role at Ball, as President of Ball Beverage Packaging, EMEA.

“It is a privilege to be given this responsibility, as a custodian for 4,500 employees, every one of our customers, and all of our impacts on communities and the planet.

“The pandemic is changing our present and will, inevitably, disrupt our futures. The pressures on our environment and the communities it supports are escalating. Helping our customers to manage these changes and to thrive will take all our creativity and energy.

 “Happily, I have two secret weapons. The first is the team of people I work with. I’ve been at Ball for six and a half years and have worked with great people during that time. This group is exceptional.

“The second is our belief in what we make and sell. Our mission is to make the aluminium can, the world’s most sustainable package, and to help enable a truly circular economy. It’s what makes Ball such an exciting place to work.”

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