Hydro sails low-carbon aluminium to Europe

Hydro has sent its first shipment of low-carbon aluminium to Europe using Norway’s biggest sailing vessel, SC Connector.

The technology in the vessel lowers fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Hydro is utilising SC Connector on its first commercial voyage for delivering good from Norway to its European customers.

The first shipment contains about 200 tonnes of low-carbon aluminium.

Sea-Cargo has been Hydro’s main sea transportation partner since 2015 and from 2021 they will transport all finished products from the cast houses in Norway to Europe.  

Sea-Cargo expects to reduce SC Connector’s fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by a quarter throughout the year. With the battery pack from Corvus Energy, the vessel can avoid the use of auxiliary engines, which means that it can be 100% emission-free during sailing and at quay.

“We want to work with the most forward-leaning companies when it comes to developing greener technology for sea transportation,” says Susanne Vinje, head of logistics in Hydro.  

“This retrofitted vessel with rotor sails is a very good starting point and we look forward to seeing what kind of opportunities this represents moving forward.”

Johan Berg, plant manager at Husnes, says: “It is a truly impressive ship. We produce low-carbon aluminium and using low-carbon transportation for our products makes perfect sense. 

“I believe this is the first time we can deliver low-carbon aluminium products to our customers using sailing technology – and hopefully we can use it more going forward.”

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