Nespresso extend partnership with capsule producer

Datwyler has extended its strategic partnership with Nespresso and has signed a new multi-year contract until 2030. 

The new contract covers its aluminium capsules and seals production for portioned coffee product lines and it envisages continuous volume and revenue growth. 

Datwyler continues to invest in the expansion of production capacity, thereby strengthening the highly automated plant in Schattdorf in the Swiss canton of Uri.

Datwyler and Nespresso have been in partnership since 2006.

Datwyler group CEO, Dirk Lambrecht, commented: ”By investing in and adapting our production processes, we are able to support Nespresso in putting to market capsules made using 80% recycled aluminium and hence contribute to their commitment to make every cup of coffee carbon neutral by 2022. Carbon neutral production at Datwyler’s Swiss site also contributes to this.”

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