Pepsi to launch ‘Cocoa Cola’

PepsiCo will launch a “Cocoa Cola” this year following significant interest on social media.

The company posted on Twitter about the slightly unusual new concept from their kitchen.

Pepsi promised that if it reached 2,021 retweets then it would brew up a batch and went on to be retweeted more than 5,500 times.

The post read: “What’s sweeter than saying “bye” to the worst year ever? Pepsi “Cocoa” Cola – the latest concept from the Pepsi Test Kitchen.

“Want to try and get your hands on it? 2,021 RTs and we’ll make a batch.”

Following the interest, they added: “Well, it looks like you’re all pretty thirsty for some Pepsi “Cocoa” Cola. Stay tuned for details coming in 2021!”

No further details have yet be released about this unusual cocoa inspired canned drink but is slated to be available early this year.

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