The Metal Packager’s charity partnership with CannedWater4Kids

The Metal Packager has reached an agreement with canned water charity CannedWater4Kids to become official charity partners.

The Metal Packager is the recently launched sustainable voice for global metal packaging professionals who want to grow and evolve in an ever-changing industry.

Under the charity partnership, The Metal Packager will give a donation to
CannedWater4Kids for every new subscription purchase.

Founder and CEO of CannedWater4Kids, Greg Stromberg, will also appear on the newly launched Metal Packager podcast, as well as regular articles appearing on its website to help promote the charity’s promotions.

The Metal Packager will also provide support for CannedWater4Kids at trade shows to help with literature and also act as an ambassador at events the charity cannot attend, to help grow the charity’s remits.

Owner of The Metal Packager, Alex Fordham, commented: “The Metal Packager is delighted to support CW4K’s charitable endeavours.

“It’s essential that something we all take for granted, clean water, is available for children less fortunate across the world.

“And the fact that CW4K promotes the inherent benefits of metal packaging to a global audience ensures that this should be a charity close to the hearts of the industry.

“We look forward to working closely with Greg and the team in the coming months.”

Founder and CEO of CannedWater4Kids, Greg Stromberg, said: “I am honored by The Metal Packager’s support as we work together to promote the can and packaging industry while funding projects that ensure all children have access to sustainable, clean, safe drinking water.

“I spent over 51 years in the can industry and, while I’m retired now, being able to use our aluminium bottles and cans for a higher purpose makes me proud.”

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