Canmaking industry rallies to support CW4K


Canmaking industry leaders stepped in to support CannedWater4Kids after an unexpected freeze hit Texas, leaving people without access to safe drinking water. 

Four canmaking industry leaders immediately responded with welcome relief in the form of 100,800 aluminium 16-ounce bottles of premium drinking water. Those companies were Ball Corporation, INX International, Novelis and Roeslein.

“Clean, safe drinking water is a valuable resource. One doesn’t realise how valuable until it is gone,” said Greg Stromberg, CannedWater4Kids water charity founder & CEO. 

“When we saw that Texas was in trouble, we knew we had to help. It was the right thing to do. It was remarkable how our partners within the canmaking industry rushed to help make our drinking water delivery possible. 

“In total, we were able to deliver 100,800 16-ounce aluminium bottles of premium CW4K water.”

Ashley Gravlee, manager, corporate social responsibility, Novelis, said: “The opportunity to collaborate with partners across the canmaking industry to provide safe drinking water illustrates the increased impact we can have when we tackle community needs together.

”For Novelis, this is reflective of our purpose – shaping a sustainable world together – and underscores that when companies combine their resources and focus for impact, the community wins.”

“Ball is honored to partner with CannedWater4Kids to bring much-needed resources and support to the residents of Texas during recent storms.  We truly appreciate the quick and efficient work this team does to provide water to communities in need,” commented Jessica Leary, Manager Community Relations.

John DeMoulin, Vice President, Business Development & Marketing at Roeslein added, “With the recent power outages in Texas, we were thankful to be able to work with CannedWater4Kids in their relief efforts. Through our initiative, The Roeslein Way, we were able to help support the organization with a donation of canned water to the local families affected by the extreme weather.”

Kristine Marlow, President & CEO of the Montgomery County, Texas Foodbank, said: “The Montgomery County Food Bank is grateful for our partnership with CannedWater4Kids. The effects of Winter Storm Uri were devastating to many people in Texas. 

“Over 150,000 Montgomery County residents were under boil notices and many more had a lack of water due to damaged pipes as a result of the widespread power outages. 

“CannedWater4Kids responded to the call for help and sent three truckloads of water (4200 cases) which were quickly distributed to those with limited access to drinkable water.

“We are very thankful and grateful for CannedWater4Kids. Their care and compassion for our community provided immediate relief for the children, seniors, and families who were faced with a very serious situation.”

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