CannedWater4Kids to help in Texas


CannedWater4Kids are the latest charity to pledge support for those in Texas struggling for access to clean drinking water following severe winter storms.

An estimated 10 million Texans woke up on Monday morning without safe drinking water.

Millions had been told to boil tap water before consuming it after a deadly winter storm caused power blackouts at treatment facilities.

The freezing temperatures have also caused water pipes to burst.

Canned water has played an important role in helping people have access to safe drinking water.

CannedWater4Kids have pledged to send help to those in desperate need of help.

Can’d Aid also sent thousands of cans of water to Texas amid shortages in the state.

Brewer Anheuser-Busch also delivered more than 150,000 cans of emergency drinking water to support local communities.

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