INX and CW4K partner for Texas relief


It has been a devastating week of freezing temperatures for Texans, compounded by more than 10 inches of snow and ice, rolling blackouts in Houston and surrounding areas, and millions of people without power or electricity.

The unexpected freeze has caused cracked or burst pipes, leaving nearly half the state’s population facing boil-water advisories and safe drinking water a scarcity. But help is on the way.  

Bryce Kristo, Michelle Pack, Dayna Campobasso and John Hrdlick

INX International Ink Co. and CannedWater4Kids (CW4K) have joined forces to send a rush delivery of CW4K premium drinking water packed in 16-ounce aluminium bottles. The truckload of 33,600 units will arrive this week at the Montgomery County Food Bank near Houston.

In Montgomery County, approximately 78,000 households remain without power at this time. It is uncertain when full power will return and a boil-water advisory remains in effect. Fortunately, humanitarian efforts from companies like CW4K and INX will make a difference.

“This is the first of several truckloads we plan to send,” said Greg Stromberg, CannedWater4Kids founder and CEO. “When we saw the news, we just had to help. It was the right thing to do because clean, safe drinking water is critical for staying healthy and hydrated. Coordinating and financing the water delivery was a team effort. We couldn’t have done it without the help of INX International.

“People across the state of Texas are in great need of fresh drinking water after the winter storms have destroyed their water supply. We are glad to be able to do our part and help out the local communities,” remarked John Hrdlick, President and CEO of INX International Ink Co.

Renee Schouten, director of marketing for INX, added: “INX has been a main sponsor and supporter of CW4K for a long time. We believe in their purpose to provide clean, safe drinking water to those in need, and we’re here to help any chance we get.”

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