Hydro ramp up production at aluminium plant


Norsk Hydro has ramped up production at the Husnes B-line aluminium plant in Norway and is now halfway back to full capacity.

The journey back to full production at Hydro Husnes started in November last year when the first of 200 electrolysis cells were restarted – after being idled for more than ten years as a result of the financial crisis.

Hydro Husnes now produces about 95,000 tonnes of aluminium annually via the A-line. This will gradually increase to around 195,000 as the 200 electrolysis cells in the one-kilometer-long B-line are restarted.

“I am happy that the first 100 cells have been successfully restarted and I am impressed by the whole organisation that have managed this in a safe and controlled way. We are now focusing on the remaining 100 and we aim to be at full capacity by the end of June,” says Plant Manager at Hydro Husnes Johan Berg.

The restart of the B-line at Hydro Husnes represents a NOK 1.5 billion investment in upgrades and the production line holds world-class standards in climate, environmental and operational performance. 

In addition to doubling the production of aluminium based on renewable energy, the restart of the B-line contributes to almost a hundred new jobs.

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