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The Lab

The Lab, a first-of-its-kind facility that provides beverage creators a dedicated resource for pilot runs and quality assurance testing, has been awarded the advanced designation as a SpecMetrix Certified laboratory. 

This certification acknowledges the company’s demonstrated commitment to ensuring all in the beverage industry can have access to the highest level of film weight quality and can liner testing procedures. 

To attain this classification, The Lab has completed the installation of Sensory Analytics’s latest SpecMetrix® ACS coating thickness and film weight measurement system in its full service laboratory. 

In addition, their quality experts have completed the necessary certified training for these next-generation QA tools. 

The Lab is the first beverage quality laboratory and testing facility to be awarded “SpecMetrix Certified” status. 

The Lab is an innovative facility launched by BevSource, the leading beverage industry navigators who have been helping bring beverage ideas to life since 2002. 

It offers distinctive solutions for beverage creators, providing production at a small-scale on the facility’s state-of-the-art pilot equipment, affordable quality assurance testing, and the ability to receive unbiased consumer feedback through their adjacent public facing taproom. 

The Lab’s dedication to beverage quality excellence is exemplified by their decision to exclusively use the most advanced film weight control and coating quality systems available today to test container lining thickness for their clients. 

Award-winning SpecMetrix ACS container measurement systems deliver a higher standard of precision for non-contact and real-time measurement and mapping for all applied internal and external container coatings. 

Substandard coatings or base material irregularities will be instantly detected, helping beverage makers diagnosis potential issues and ensure product packaging consistency. 

Vivian Poteat, Global Sales Support Manager of SpecMetrix Systems at Sensory, said: “We are thrilled to partner with the innovators at The Lab to help beverage creators and brand owners attain the highest level of coating quality assurance and process control. 

“Building a high-quality product starts with using quality ingredients, materials, and components. The Lab has shown their commitment to their clients by incorporating the impactful SpecMetrix ACS systems into their testing facility to accelerate container sample testing and improve incoming and finished container inspections of customers products.” 

Hannah Krieg, Lab Manager for The Lab-Powered by BevSource added: “BevSource and The Lab are dedicated to breaking down barriers that keep great beverage ideas from starting and growing. 

“We are excited to be the first third-party beverage quality laboratory to offer can liner thickness testing with the high-impact SpecMetrix systems. Adding this technology to our suite of quality services allows The Lab to deliver a comprehensive solution for innovators bringing the next generation of quality beverages to life. 

“We are proud to be the first container laboratory and testing facility to become SpecMetrix Certified.”

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