Wild Goose Filling showcase counter pressure technology

Wild Goose

Wild Goose Filling has unveiled its latest canning system that delivers all-purpose beverage packaging engineered with new counter pressure filling technologies.

The Wild Goose Fusion Counter Pressure Canning System provides professional, fully automated canning across a wide range of product types and conditions. 

The system accommodates higher product carbonation levels, pressures and temperatures to protect your canned craft beverages.

“Our goal is to provide filling systems able to handle the unique challenges of every craft beverage maker,” said Aaron Gomolak, President of Wild Goose Filling.

“The progressive Fusion Counter Pressure system, the most innovative filling system in the industry, was developed internally and is exclusive to Wild Goose. Whether our customers need canning or bottling, from our smallest Gosling to our fastest Evolution Series WG10, we can accommodate any customer.”

Its proprietary system design uses groundbreaking counter pressure filling technologies developed by Wild Goose, delivering accurate, repeatable fills across beverage types, styles and conditions.

The Wild Goose Fusion combines the best of its pioneering fast-pour innovations with the versatile bandwidth of pressurised filling to give you unmatched counter pressure canning performance.

The Fusion canning line accommodates virtually every craft beverage, including seltzer, beer, ready-to-drink cocktails (RTDs), soda, kombucha, wine, cider, cannabis drinks and more.

The adjustable canning machine also enables easy changeovers between can heights, body diameters and lid types to help you expand your product portfolios.

Wild Goose’s Fusion Counter Pressure system technology does not require a pressure bowl or drum found on conventional counter pressure machines.

State-of-the-art software provides the backbone for Wild Goose’s newest operating system, delivering sophisticated fine-tuned performance. 

A streamlined user interface with digital touch screen and high-resolution display makes system control intuitive and user-friendly.

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