Japanese retailer switches to aluminium cans

Japanese retailer Muji has switched to aluminium

Japanese retailer Mujirushi Ryouhin will replace its PET bottles for aluminium cans as part of goals towards sustainability and address the issue of plastic waste.

Last week, Muji announced that 12 types of drinks available from its stores have switched to aluminium packaging.

The full list includes: Caffeine-free Green Rooibos Tea, Caffeine-free Rooibos & Black Bean Tea, Caffeine-free Corn Tea, Decaffeinated Muscat & Rooibos, Caffeine-free Black Bean Tea, Jasmine Tea, Oolong Tea, 100% fruit juice soda Apple, 100% fruit juice soda Grape, 100% fruit juice soda Tangerine, Soda made from 100% fruit juice, Ginger ale with domestic ginger.

Aluminium cans have a high recycling rate in Japan at around 98%, according to a company announcement.

Muji sell a wide range of items in its stores from stationary to furniture and even food. It recently started offering a plant-based meat that requires no refrigeration.

In addition, in order to reduce plastic waste, Muji will expand a water supply service started in July 2020 by installing water dispensers in stores. The service is currently being offered at 270 stores, with plans to introduce the service to all 460 stores by the end of 2021.

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