Ball ranked 36th in Best Corporate Citizens of 2021

100 Best Corporate Citizens

Ball Corporation has been named as one of 3BL Media‘s Best Corporate Citizens in its 2021 ranking chart, recognising leading environmental, social and governance (ESG) transparency and performance amongst the 1,000 largest US public companies.

“The next decade is pivotal if we are to achieve global climate and societal goals and rebuild an inclusive and resilient economy,” said Dave Armon, CEO of 3BL Media, which owns the 100 Best Corporate Citizens ranking. “Achieving these transformational outcomes depends on corporate leadership and transparency on ESG topics. Through 100 Best Corporate Citizens, 3BL Media has set a standard for transparency that advances corporate accountability.”

The 100 Best Corporate Citizens methodology is set by 3BL Media and based on 146 ESG transparency and performance factors across eight pillars: Climate Change; Employee Relations; Environment; ESG Performance; Finance; Governance; Human Rights; Stakeholders and Society. There are also several factors within the 2021 methodology that account for the response to the various social issues emerging during the pandemic.

Additionally, thanks to a partnership with InfluenceMap, an organization that maintains the world’s leading database of corporate lobbying on climate policy, the 2021 ranking ensures that ranked companies’ political actions are aligned with the Paris Agreement.

“In response to the many intersectional crises of 2020, the demands for corporate transparency, accountability and leadership have never been louder. Stakeholders at all levels are interested in how companies are engaging on issues from Covid-19 and climate change to systemic racism and voting rights,” Armon continued. “That is why we’ve moved to measure performance on these emergent issues and increase our scrutiny of political actions, to ensure that corporate citizenship is defined by both internal action and external lobbying efforts.”

The 100 Best Corporate Citizens ranking was first published in 1999 in Business Ethics Magazine and then by Corporate Responsibility Magazine from 2007 to 2019. 3BL Media has owned 100 Best Corporate Citizens since 2017 and continues the legacy of ranking the Russell 1000 Index against a set of ESG transparency and performance factors using only public data and information

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