Shell introduce reusable steel cans


Shell has partnered with global design agency JDO to produce a reusable steel bottle for its Helix lubricants range.

Unveiled in May of this year, the new refillable stainless steel oil can demonstrates the global lubricant brand’s commitment to a circular economy.

Conceived by Tom Szaky, CEO of Terracycle, Loop is the first global shopping platform designed to be zero waste. 

Shell is taking part in the Loop scheme to explore more sustainable solutions as part of its journey to be a zero-carbon company, and is passionate about reducing the packaging waste of its products.

Using a completely new production process, JDO’s solution was designed with three key principles in mind – durability, cleanability, and life cycle optimisation, meaning it’s designed away from disposability in all aspects. 

The result is an incredibly tough, reusable structure that’s also a unique hero for the Shell brand, and which is guaranteed to be recycled when it does reach the end of its life.

Paul Drake, JDO Creative Director commented: “Beyond finding a solution to reduce waste, we saw our design of a reusable, modern-day jerry can for Shell Helix as an opportunity to disrupt the category and increase consumer satisfaction. 

“Not only do the new cans have a sleeker, ownable look, but they also feature durability and functionality that would not have been possible to achieve in disposable packaging. 

“It illustrates the many possibilities that reusable structures have to elevate brand experience through premiumisation and innovation.”

These packs have been designed to be used up to 100 times and are just one way in which Shell is looking to reduce the waste and carbon footprint of their products. 

Although essentially a pilot scheme, Loop trials behaviours outside the norms of our current supply chain, and, in partnership with big brands, tests the possibility of a seismic shift in consumer habits towards a more sustainable future.

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