Can Makers to open bar at Foodies Festival

Can Makers

The Can Makers, the industry trade body representing drinks can manufacturers in the UK, is to host a bar at Tatton Park’s Foodies Festival as part of its campaign to normalise new formats and ensure the merits of the can are considered by all beverage producers.

The Rising Can will only serve drinks in cans, including wines, cocktails, seltzers, soft drinks and water. It follows a series of virtual wine and cocktail taste tests conducted with some of the UK’s leading critics, designed to showcase the quality of canned drinks and the environmental credentials of the can.

Simon Gresty, Can Makers chairman, said: “We believe The Rising Can will the first bar of its kind selling drinks exclusively in cans, including some of the best quality wines as well as premium cocktails and seltzers.

“In recent years we’ve seen a major shift in the types of beverages packaged in cans. As brands diversify, the format itself has adapted.

“The 330ml can has undoubtedly underpinned the rise in craft beers, while sleek and slim cans are increasingly popular with premium brands for high quality wines, spirits and mixers. A natural progression in this development is the perception of the can as a format which offers real prestige, as well as performance and convenience. 

“The Rising Can campaign will complement other initiatives such as the Can Makers’ sponsorship of the International Canned Wine Competition and support our continued work to champion the wide range of benefits cans offer for brands and consumers.”

Among the wines which will be served at The Rising Can are the widely acclaimed Mirabeau Prêt-à-Porter Rosé to Go as well as Hun Wines and The Copper Crew.

Cocktails and seltzers include offerings from renowned brands such as White Claw, East London Liquor Co. and Bloody Drinks with soft drinks and water available from Radnor Hills and Punchy. Beers and ales will include the distinctive Northern Monk as well as a selection from Felinfoel Brewery.

Simon added: “With such a high-quality range of drinks available I’m confident festival goers will find exactly what they want at The Rising Can. I’m particularly pleased to partner once again with Felinfoel Brewery, the first in the world to can craft ale and with whom the Can Makers celebrated the 85th anniversary of the beer can.”

The Rising Can will open at midday on Friday 9 July at Foodies Festival, the UK’s biggest food festival held at Tatton Park, Cheshire.

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