Canpack collaborates with wellness brand

Canpack wellness collaboration

As part of the ‘wellness’ trend, functional beverages are a growing sector which commonly includes ingredients from plants and herbs, along with vitamins and minerals associated with physical or mental health benefits. Regenera is a fruit-flavoured, functional drink made from herbal extracts that aims to combat the side effects of hang-over.

Canpack has collaborated with SSHS Group Hungary to give their Regenera brand a gentle, modern, premium look and feel for their can using subtle colour with a matt finish.

“Canpack’s partnering approach gives us the possibility to advise our customers on special effects that match both the story behind their product and the packaging design.” Stephen McAneny, Canpack.

“In case of Regenera we used our matt texture to give the packaging a calm, soothing feel. Canpack offer a selection of varnishes that allow cans to have multiple feels and finishes. Our varnishes can help products stand out for customers both in terms of the way they look and the way they feel.”

“This is a functional drink that required a different look and feel to the usual sports, energy or health drinks, and the matt texture and colour scheme deliver exactly what we were looking for.” György Sallai, SSHS Group, Hungary.

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