Truly Hard Seltzer collaborate with Sugarfina


Truly Hard Seltzer and luxury sweet brand, Sugarfina, have collaborated for a new product this summer.

The limited-edition, Truly-infused, nonalcoholic gummy bears are available now in four fruity flavours – Watermelon Kiwi, Pineapple, Mango, and Passion Fruit.

Launching just in time for Fourth of July, these gummy bears will add a pop of colour and flavour to any backyard barbecue, beach day, or gathering with friends. 

A company press release said: “Garnish your favourite cocktail with a few bears, soak them in their corresponding Truly beverage, or add them to your bar cart as a showstopping snack.”

Scott LaPorta, CEO and Co-Investor of Sugarfina, said: “It was a fun and exciting challenge for our product innovation team! We were eager to figure out the best way to infuse candy with a spiked seltzer beverage in a way that really allows the flavours of the hard seltzer to come to life in gummy form.”

“Both Truly and Sugarfina are known for bringing new flavours and innovation to consumers,” said Casey O’Neill, Director of Product Development. 

“There’s something so fun about dreaming up different ways that drinkers can experience Truly, and the fruitiness and sweetness of gummy bears made this collaboration a perfect fit for Truly.”

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