Coca-Cola Japan launches hard lemonade

Coca-Cola Japan

Coca-Cola has launched its second alcoholic beverage brand in Japan called Nomel’s Hard Lemonade.

Coca-Cola Japan is offering these refreshing hard lemonade drinks as a summer release, with a ‘pop’ themed label illustration. 

There are three different flavours you can choose from of Nemol’s Hard Lemonade:

Nomel’s Hard Lemonade original

Just like the usual sweet and sour lemonade, but with a kick of alcohol. Alc.5%, Fruit juice 20%

Nomel’s Hard Lemonade Sour! Sour! Sour!

Using Yuzu citrus to add to the sourness, this drink ‘will energise your body and soul’. Alc.5%, Fruit juice 14%

Nomel’s Hard Lemonade Bitter Sour

With a hint of Juniper berry often used as a main ingredient in gin making, this one is a perfect drink if you are looking for something more dry, and with extra bitter flavour of tonic water. Alc.7% Fruit juice 8%

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