Hard seltzer inspired by Asian flavours launches

Hard seltzer

A new hard seltzer that has been inspired by Asian flavours has launched.

MIZO Hard Seltzer has just started to hit the shelves and will be available in three flavours: Lychee, Asian Pear and Calamansi.

Co-found Holly Paul wrote on LinkedIn: “WE JUST LAUNCHED MIZO Hard Seltzer!

“Chris Tran and I have been working on this new venture over the past year, and I’m so excited to share that we’ve officially launched MIZO Hard Seltzer and are now in stores around the Bay Area! 

“We launched with three Asian-inspired flavors: Lychee, Asian Pear, and Calamansi. YUM!

“In a time when differences are celebrated now more than ever, MIZO Hard Seltzer was born out of frustration from what we saw as a lack of diversity on our shelves. 

“I am a mixed bag of emotions, as today is my first day committing to Mizo full-time! As a woman and POC founder in this space, I am humbled and thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of this movement of diversifying our retail shelves. Your support in any shape or form would mean so much.”

To find out more visit their website: https://www.drinkmizo.com/

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