Nespresso trial new aluminium capsule recycling scheme


Nespresso has launched a six-month trial recycling programme in Australia for its aluminium coffee capsules.

The coffee company has helped set up a similar scheme with other producers in the UK, called PodBack, and is now trying to do the same in other countries.

Nespresso already offer several different ways to recycle the capsules – Boutique or florist partner drop-off, bulk box collection and pre-paid AusPost satchels – but the options will increase with curbside collections.

Helen Besgrove, senior brand manager of Nespresso, said: “For residents of Mosman Council and Willoughby City Council – recycling aluminium coffee capsules just got easier!

“Today we launch an Australian-first 6 month trial where coffee lovers in these two council areas are invited to recycle their aluminium coffee capsules in their yellow lid recycling bin. 

“Trial participants will be sent bright orange Curby bags which they will fill with their used aluminium capsules and then place into their yellow lid recycling bin. All Curby bags will then be collected and recycled by Nespresso at our dedicated facility.

“Together with IQ Renew, CurbCycle and the two councils who have signed up to participate, we are excited to gather the insights from this trial to find new ways to make recycling even easier.”

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