Budweiser celebrates ‘all is love’ campaign

All Love is Love

Budweiser celebrates ‘All love is love’ this Qixi Festival (Chinese Valentine’s day) with their ‘A Kiss is the answer to all the questions in Love’ campaign that celebrates diverse forms of love without any stereotypes.

The brand created a limited edition of beer bottles featuring a man and a woman and only by mixing two different bottles, their faces ‘touch’, it appears that the two figures are kissing – pointing to the theme of diversity, that lies at the heart of the celebration. 

Budweiser also collaborated with influential KOLs, like Jiang Sida, an iconic #LGBTQ activist, to expand on topics around kiss and love through various edgy forms of communications like podcasts, digital comics and activated on dedicated LGBTQ social media apps like the L and blueD, encouraging countless quality social engagement.

On a statement on social media, the company said:

“We just want to say – There is always obstacles in love, where you cannot answer all questions, a kiss can help answer doubts and conquer issues. May everyone kiss the one they want to kiss and love the one they love – All love is love!”

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