Skinny Tonic install new canning line

Skinny Tonic

Drinks brand Skinny Tonic has installed a new state of the art canning line.

The brand of zero-sugar tonic water was founded by UK-based Ian Minton, a property developer who once owned a Domino’s Pizza franchise

In a post on LinkedIn, Minton said: “Delighted to see our hero brand Skinny Tonic running down our new state of the art canning line.

“Well done to our team, in particular Jason Murphy and Elizabeth Hunter. This order is on its way to Waitrose & Partners UAE.

“Zero Calories, Zero Sugar, Naturally.”

Last year, Skinny Tonic launched a crowdfunding campaign in the hope of raising £500,000.

This proved very popular and it had to close 15 days early after raising nearly £1.8million.

The brand sells 10 different types of beverages including: Cucumber, Ginger Ale, Indian, Light Citrus, Pink Grapefruit, Skinny Med, Aromatic, British Raspberry, Blueberry and Clear Coffee.

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