Licence IV offers French wine in cans

Licence IV

Wine brand Licence IV is offering its French wine in cans in the United States. 

The company’s first canned offerings include their flagship Blanc – the first-ever Muscadet released in this format – and Rosé.

Both are now available for purchase in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, New York and Washington, and will continue to roll out in fine wine shops across the nation this year.

Licence IV’s red wine, Rouge, is currently available in one litre bottles and will be available in cans in 2022. 

“Canned beverages are thriving in the U.S. market, and we’re excited to be breaking into that category with our canned wines”, said Licence IV President and Owner, Gregory Castells. 

“We want to offer fine wine and make it accessible and approachable for anyone who savours experiences that bring people together. We consider taking it easy to be something taken seriously at Licence IV.”

Gregory Castells, a native of Provence, started Licence IV as part of his ongoing pursuit for a life replete with delicious wine and food. 

Gregory runs Martine’s with his partner and CEO, Kate Laughlin, and travels often to France and beyond to seek out top quality wines for tables and shelves across the United States. 

Licence IV first debuted in 2017, with the first offerings of Blanc, Rosé and Rouge in one litre screw cap bottles.

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