Latamcan – Supplier Focus Preview


Latamcan signals the return of trade shows in the metal packaging market after 18 months. For those attending the show, there is plenty to look forward to! Metal Packager reports

Lifetime Achievement

This year Latamcan will be honouring two very well-known and respected personalities in our industry. Congratulations to Rudi Roeslein, founder of Roeslein & Associates and Jonathan Ellaby, VP International Operations and Technologies at INX International Co, who receive a lifetime achievement award at the show.

“Jonathan’s knowledge in the metal decorating industry is among the best worldwide,” said John Hrdlick, INX President and CEO. “He has great manufacturing, technical and sales experience that allowed him to manage our global partners, and bring facilities onstream from scratch,” he said about a pair of US plants in Charlotte, North Carolina and Seattle, Washington, and facilities in Brazil and the UK.

Supplier Focus

Alfons Haar

With steel prices going through the roof, Alfons Haar will focus on how to lessen metal consumption with a number of new and established developments. The presentation will include the thinnest commercialised DRD can in the market at 0.14 DR8 and explain how to make ends without thinning and warping with its “Precision Form” tooling. They will show a process to prevent excess metal that flows up the sidewall known as thickening in roll-on pilfer-proof (PP) caps, using a new technique which includes dry partial wall ironing. It allows the blank cup size for a 30 x 60mm wine bottle cap to shrink from a typical 91mm to 86mm.

Applied Vision

Applied Vision Corporation, now a member of the Antares Vision Group, and continues to set global standards for inspection solutions for can and bottle manufacturers across the globe. Applied Vision representatives will talk about its patented technology products, such as Genius and Cyclops, which provides a full suite of food and beverage inside can and end inspections, while its DecoMaster, Orion G6 and Mli products bring the industry’s most advanced decoration, colour inspection and monitoring, all at full line speeds.

Custom Machining Corporation

CMC will be promoting the world’s fastest liner for beer-beverage ends. The new generation liner—called the MT-20—has an output speed of up to 5500epm. The MT-20 has a 45% smaller footprint, Lower labour costs, lower power costs: end-for-end – the MT-20 requires less energy than older generation liners. 

The company are also promoting its original line-up of high-speed rotary end liners, with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 or 10 station liners. 


HeatTek will be at Latamcan with a new name, a fresh look, and, most importantly, a renewed commitment to the can making industry. HeatTek’s new Evolve Systems brand unifies the company’s well-known family of products that are exclusively designed and built for metal packaging. Included in the Evolve Systems product line are Pin Ovens, Internal Bake Ovens, Dryoff Ovens, as well as its recently expanded offering of Washers.


Hyperion Materials & Technologies will showcase its can tooling products and services while also promoting upcoming capacity and capability enhancements for customers in the Americas. To support the fast-growing markets of the Americas, Hyperion is setting up a new can tooling service centre in its production facility near Mexico City. The new centre in Mexico will focus on punch and ring regrinding and provide additional capacity for new punches and rings.


Renee Schouten, INX Director of Marketing and the current President of the International Metal Decorating and Packaging Association (IMDPA). In the 3-piece room, she will talk about Fostering Improvements and Advances in the Art of Metal Decorating & Packaging, and delve into the history of the association, the importance of its mission and objectives, membership resources that are available and its value proposition for the industry.

INX International Co

INX Color Perfection Manager, Sarah Jacks, will discuss INX Color Perfection – Updates on Color Management for the Metal Decorating Industry, in the two-piece room. Jacks plans to share with the audience advancements in the areas of digital proofing, training, and troubleshooting.

Jack Knight and Alex Folloso are both returning speakers and will participate in one of the main events on 24 September. A highly respected, long-time industry authority and INX Global Business Development Director of Rigid Packaging, Knight returns as moderator for for the 3-Piece Canmaking Process – ‘What it takes to get a commercial can to the consumer’.

Orbis Corporation

Orbis helps world-class food and beverage companies move cans faster, safer and more cost-effectively with reusable pallet systems. As a steward of sustainability, Orbis is committed to driving the circular economy and a better world for future generations through reuse with our environmentally-friendly designed products, end-of-life recycling, material innovations and sustainable operations. Its company representatives are looking forward to welcoming delegates to its tabletop.

Prime Controls

Prime Controls is a developer and manufacturer of high-quality, high-speed online metal sensing and control systems for OEMs and end users in the can making industry. It specialises in providing double sheet detection for sheet feeders and slitter tables, leak detection systems for light and air testers, and is the world’s supplier of press protection for high-speed, easy-open end conversion presses. 

Visit the Prime Controls’ table to experience how its metal sensing solutions can enhance your can making process by helping you improve your bottom line, boost product productivity, and ramp up your manufacturing efficiency.

RAM Precision

RAM Precision Industries is a high precision machine shop specialising in the manufacturing of critical Tab, Lane, Shell and Cupper Die tooling. Utilising cutting edge technology, RAM Precision is a world leader in Score Knives and every other critical tool needed for the Beverage Container and Sanitary End industries. The company will be at Latamcan, and RAM Precision personnel will look forward to welcoming visitors to its tabletop.


Sacmi will be showcasing the next digital revolution: the new DMD printing line.

Built on the strength of its knowledge of digital printing decoration that began about 15 years ago with the first digital printer for ceramic slabs, SACMI now presents the DMD Digital Metal Decoration line for metal sheets. DMD is the World’s first single-pass solution for metal sheets decoration, featuring by a speed of 2400 sheets/hour, a resolution up to 1200 dpi and a timeless format changeover.

In addition to the DMD, Sacmi will be showcasing its complete range of Computer Vision solutions designed for every stage of metal packaging production for the food, beverage, industrial and aerosol sectors. The company will be showcasing the following:

Eclipsim Coat applies Chrometriq: the patented lighting system. This can detect defects of extremely small dimensions (up to 0.15 mm) at a production speed of up to 6 thousand sheets per hour.

Among the various downstream solutions, SACMI offers Ulysse. This is the “all-in-one” system for lid and capsule inspection, which integrates the calculation unit inside the Chrometriq illuminator.

iCan, by SACMI, offers a system used for inspecting the inside of cans which is capable of intercepting defects, up to a tenth of a millimetre, throughout the whole surface.

Furthermore, the CONTCHECK360 system applies the innovative CVS360-3D software for quality control of can decoration and seaming.

Finally, DECOCAP-360-3D and LUGGEDCAP-360-3D complete the range. These two systems apply CVS360-3D technology for inspection of the external and internal side of the lugged closures.

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