Ball Aluminium Cup proves a hit in pilot programme

Ball Aluminium Cup

The Ball Aluminium Cup was piloted by businesses in Savannah’s historic district and has been a great success.

The 60-day pilot programme in the city in Georgia proved to work well, according to participating restaurants.

The programme, which started in August adding aluminium cups as an option to fill to-go cups for alcoholic beverages, has witnessed the use of around 50,000 cups.

“We know that diverted 50,000 pieces of plastic out of the waste stream, out of our environment which is just a huge hit,” said Alderman Nick Palumbo.

Restaurants are now looking for ways to continue using the aluminium cups in the long term.

“We had a really nice success with this project,” said Carey Ferrara, director of sales and marketing of the Gaslight Group, which owns several restaurants in Savannah.

While there were some downsides to the programme, largely related to costs, there were huge benefits with the fully recyclable aluminium cups reducing harmful effects on the environment.

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