Toyo Ink Group issues first integrated report

Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co, the Tokyo-based parent company of the speciality chemicals manufacturing conglomerate Toyo Ink Group, has released the “Toyo Ink Group Integrated Report 2021,” the first report of its kind for the company.

Up until now, the Group had disclosed its financial information through securities reports, financial statements, fact books and financial results briefings, while issuing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reports for highlighting its environmental and CSR-related initiatives.

To help all stakeholders gain a deeper understanding of the Group, the company has now combined details on its management plans and business strategy, CSR and value creation initiatives, and other factors in an integrated report. The CSR Report and Fact Book will continue to be issued, although in a slightly altered format.

This transition reflects Toyo Ink Group’s commitment to promoting corporate reporting that more clearly shows the correlations between the financial and non-financial aspects of the Group’s operations. To help achieve this end, the content of the Report is based on the framework developed by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines, and the Guidance for Collaborative Value Creation of Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.   

Kazuhito Nakano, Managing Director overseeing CSR initiatives of Toyo Ink SC Holdings, said: “The shift to integrated reporting was a natural step in this, the first year of our new mid-term management plan called the Scientific Innovation Chain II.

“We hope the Report helps to provide a clearer picture on how the Group’s management strategy and business activities generate social value, while sustainably driving our corporate value. Through the publication of such reports and proactive corporate disclosure, the Toyo Ink Group is committed to improving communication with all our stakeholders.”

Toyo Ink Group Integrated Report 2021 is available in the English and Japanese languages and can be downloaded from the below links or at Toyo Ink SC Holdings’ corporate website.

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