Heineken brand enters energy drink market


Heineken-owned Solar Power has entered the energy drink market with the launch of a new canned beverage.

The drink was launched with a campaign from GOVT Singapore called ‘Good Energy Only’ that highlights the brand’s use of all-natural ingredients.

“We started off by listing down daily drainers, moments all of us have experienced, then figured out ways to dramatize them in outlandish and irreverent ways,” said Kevin Joseph, Associate Creative Director, GOVT.

“The result was a series of content that people can watch, have a chuckle at and say ‘Yea, I’ve been there before’. And after that, hopefully reach for a can of Solar Power.”

The tagline of the advert on YouTube says: None of that “Good Vibes Only” B & S that doesn’t power you up.

“Get your real, natural Good Energy flowing with an all-natural refreshing can of Solar Power. Now.”

“With increasing demands of consumers in the functional beverage category, we are proud that the launch of Solar Power in Singapore is Heineken’s first step in meeting these needs,” said Johnny Tan, Country Manager, Heineken Asia Pacific Beverages.

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