Stolle announces the opening of new R&D Centre

Stolle SATO

Stolle Machinery has announced the opening of a new R&D centre dedicated to advancing can and end-making technology. 

Located near the company’s headquarters in Centennial, Colorado, the Stolle Advanced Technology Operation (SATO) is a 2800 m2 facility that is staffed and equipped to design, manufacture and test the latest can making technology. Stolle is working on developing new production processes and improving existing methods to help meet the world’s increasing demand for cans while reducing the environmental impact of their production.

According to Stolle Chief Technology Officer Ian Scholey: “Our new SATO is a significant step forward for the industry and for Stolle. Our collective impact on the global environment is Stolle’s point of convergence. Having the ability to test not only equipment but also process enhancements will direct us to reduced resource, spoilage and ultimately environmental impact per can.”

The new SATO facility will be staffed with professional development engineers and equipped with test equipment and prototype production machinery to develop new metal packaging designs and manufacturing methods to help move the can industry forward.

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