Ska Fabricating acquires GR-X Manufacturing

Ska Fab

Ska Fabricating has announced its purchase of GR-X Manufacturing.

GR-X Manufacturing, founded in 2015 and based in Grand Rapids Michigan, specialises in providing depalletising and palletising equipment systems for consumer products and food and beverage industries.

The two suppliers of packaging solutions will benefit from each other’s capabilities to offer packaging line solutions for small to midsize operations. Both companies provide depalletising and packaging solutions for various consumer packaged goods, though there is very little overlap in their specific market segments.

In announcing the acquisition, Ska Fabricating CEO Jim Mackay, commented: “Ska Fabricating’s roots lie in the craft beer market, and we’ve quickly grown from that foundation into other rigid packaging and can decorating lines.

“We see this as a natural progression in our growth as an industry leader in container handling.”

Both companies have found success in the packaging equipment market by focusing on meeting unique needs overlooked by other suppliers and offering excellent value.

Discussing the purchase, GR-X founder Jerry Pollard said: “GR-X and Ska Fab share similar values: a strong customer focus, and always looking for new ways to grow and innovate. The two companies will benefit from each other’s strengths and our customers will be the beneficiaries.”

GR-X will retain its brand for the foreseeable future, and all existing customers will be fully supported. Ska Fabricating plans to retain all of the 100+ employees from both companies and will gain some much-needed production space and capacity at the Grand Rapids facility.

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