Jason Momoa encourages consumers to switch to aluminium

Jason Momoa inspired a movement to unplastic the planet by leveraging his Instagram (@prideofgypsies) to launch Mananalu – with packaging made from aluminium. 

The campaign encouraged audiences to join Momoa and share how they make waves, big or small, by swapping single-use plastic for sustainable options like Mananalu, made from infinitely recyclable aluminium.

The campaign has reached over 60M impressions and roughly 2M engagements, according to data gathered by Mananalu.

“The idea is to make a change to help our Earth,” Momoa said in his Instagram video announcing the campaign’s launch. 

Momoa shared his swaps on his Instagram; the content includes his signature vibe: human, passionate, and entertaining. 

The content features Momoa showering in the parking lot of Sprout’s Farmers Market (Mananalu’s first retail partner) to showcase alternative personal care products, followed by Momoa shopping for Mananalu in a pink robe.

Other swaps posted to his Instagram include Momoa biking to work instead of driving and utilising recyclable aluminium cups from Ball Corporation, Mananalu’s aluminium bottle producer. 

Momoa’s planet-first initiative drew support from his celebrity friends and inspired global audiences to create and share UGC content with the hashtag #imwithmomoa. 

Mananalu’s corporate partners have also joined the #makewaves cause. Hawaiian Airlines, which now sells Mananalu’s 16-ounce aluminium bottles in-flight, organised a beach clean-up over Earth Day weekend and promoted the content using the #makewaves hashtag. 

rePurpose Global, which already removes one bottle of ocean-going plastic waste for every bottle of Mananalu sold, is mobilised to remove an additional 1 million plastic bottles to encourage participation and build momentum for the #makewaves campaign.

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