Anheuser-Busch continue National Volunteer Fire Council partnership


Anheuser-Busch is teaming up with the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) for the fourth consecutive year to donate emergency drinking water to volunteer fire departments nationwide, including more than 77,500 cans to 16 fire departments in Alabama to help them be ready for the 2022 wildfire season.

As wildfire season lengthens and increases in severity each year, clean drinking water remains essential in addressing firefighters’ hydration needs – yet many volunteer departments struggle with limited budget and resources. The deliveries of emergency drinking water in Alabama will help address this critical need.

“The recent heat and lack of precipitation in the Western portions of the state have seen a dramatic increase in the size and number of wildfires.  In just the past week, the heat index has been over 110 degrees in the area and these water donations from Anheuser-Busch and the National Volunteer Fire Council are critical to keep firefighters hydrated,” said Commissioner William Doss, Alabama Fire College.

This year’s partnership between Anheuser-Busch and the NVFC will provide more than 1.5 million cans of emergency drinking water to nearly 450 volunteer fire departments across 46 states. It also marks a significant continuation of the brewer’s 30-year-strong commitment to disaster relief and supporting local communities in times of need through its emergency drinking water program.

“Our emergency drinking water program is a tremendous source of pride for all of us at Anheuser-Busch as we are able to do our part to recognise and support the heroes who protect our communities from natural disasters,” said Colleen Lucas, Vice President of Community Impact at Anheuser-Busch. 

“By leveraging our production and distribution capabilities as a force of good, we are honoured to lend a hand to Alabama’s volunteer fire service and first responders across the country.” 

“Hydration is a vital component to firefighter health and safety, and an important part of keeping firefighters functioning at their best during response,” said NVFC chair Steve Hirsch. 

“We appreciate Anheuser-Busch’s ongoing commitment to support our volunteer boots-on-the-ground responders. This is an invaluable program that provides a critical resource to volunteer departments, so they can use their limited budgets on other necessities.” 

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