Ska Fabricating unveils its new International Microbus

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Ska Fabricating has introduced its new International Microbus.

Launched in the US last year and now available internationally with brand new multi-pallet functionality, the International Microbus is reportedly the smallest footprint semi-automated depalletiser in the world.

The International Microbus is a semi-automatic empty can depalletiser that features a manual hand crank to raise the pallet carriage and an automatic belt sweep that advances cans onto a rotary table prior to rinsing and filling.

This singular machine is adjustable to handle six of the world’s most common pallet sizes and is rated to 1,800CPH. It was made to accommodate the needs of businesses with smaller production spaces that use multiple pallet sizes.

Adjustable to handle half-height pallets in these sizes:

– 1200 x 1350mm
– 1180 x 1250mm
– 1180 x 1165mm
– 1120 x 1420mm
– 1120 x 1300mm
– 1016 x 1219mm

This depalletiser was engineered and priced with smaller product volumes, budgets and spaces in mind. After a canning run, the International Microbus’ sweep and rotary table fold and lock down for storage – shrinking its footprint to almost half of its running length. That means when it isn’t in use, it isn’t in the way, freeing up valuable space on the production floor.

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