Ferrum releases details of can seamer portfolio

Ferrum Packaging is consolidating its reputation as a reliable partner for can filling.

Whether it’s soda pop, water, and mixed beer beverages or trendy products such as hard seltzer, energy drinks, or craft beer, many filling companies are expanding their range in the can segment and filling more and more different products on one line.

Machines must therefore become more flexible and hygienic in order to be able to ensure an efficient production process without transferring taste, despite the growing variety.

The Swiss company has been building a wide range of precision machines for decades, covering almost every possible application, primarily in the beverage sector, but also in the food sector.

  • Can diameters range from 50 to 106 millimetres, and heights from 50 to 250 millimetres
  • Ferrum seaming machines can process cans made of steel and aluminium
  • Low-, medium- and high-speed lines can seam between 4,800 and 150,000 cans per hour
  • The can seamers score points for high availability and optimum efficiency – this creates great confidence among partners in the beverage industry

There are more than 2,500 Ferrum can seamers in operation worldwide.

High-tech for efficiency, flexibility and hygiene

The can seamer FS14 (only available as a block solution with KHS filler): Innovates in all areas to ensure that processes are optimised and production is ramped up while maintaining processing quality at the highest level.

In the ferruBasic beverage line, a quick-change system ensures rapid format changes and drastically reduced downtimes. A fully automatic and closed oil lubrication system allows the can seamers to operate around the clock without the need for lubrication.

Synchronisation with the filler is handled by the motorised slow motion function with the in-motion timer. CO2 consumption is optimised with the aid of ferruFlow, in addition, there are other important advantages such as the low maintenance requirement and the easy accessibility and operation of the machines.

The ferruBasic seamers are also impressive in terms of occupational safety. The new optionally available CO2 extraction system efficiently reduces the CO2 concentration at the workplace, thus ensuring maximum safety for the operators.

The fact that hygiene is a top priority is made clear by the seamer area, which is made entirely of stainless steel and it’s extremely resistant even to aggressive cleaning agents.

In addition, there are many optional details:

  • The high surface quality of all components prevents microbiological deposits
  • The seals are easy to clean due to their external installation
  • In the FC series, for example, inclined planes and regular openings on the transport line allow condensation and other undesirable liquids to drain off easily and not enter the open beverage can

Technology and consulting

In process engineering, which designs machines according to customers’ application-specific needs, carries out pilot trials and product tests, and optimises processes.

The seaming laboratory, which cooperates closely with can manufacturers, is constantly fine-tuning the ideal seaming geometry, testing spray shadows, measuring performance and consumption, and looking for causes and ways of eliminating them as part of defect reproduction.

Ferrum is not resting on the overall high standard of its can seamers, but is constantly developing further, be it through increasing automation in the latest generation of machines or through the use of servo technology with intelligent sensors.

In connection with digitalisation, virtual reality (VR) is also a topic that the Swiss will increasingly address in the future. At the same time, it is above all important to them to keep pace with users – for example, by means of their own app that can be operated intuitively on a smartphone or tablet.

However, all this in no way makes human contact and personal advice superfluous. Starting from the Swiss headquarters, Ferrum has a worldwide network of service points and representatives, where sales staff and trained service technicians support customers, even around the clock in an emergency.

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