Whetstone Beer Co relaunches packaging

Whetstone Beer Co has relaunched and reimagined packaging on its fully recyclable cans with labels having a keepsake peel-off sticker.

The custom labels, imagined by Whetstone Beer Co. co-owner Tim Brady, were developed over a year-long process with a USA label manufacturer. 

They are the first to incorporate a built-in, removable sticker within a fully recyclable beer can label.

“We spend a lot on printing custom can labels, which nearly always just end up in a recycle bin,” said Brady. 

“I thought, there has to be a way to make the label useful beyond simply showcasing the beer on the shelf. Now when you purchase any of our Whetstone Beer Co. cans, you get a unique sticker for free.”

Whetstone Beer Co. packaging got a slick new look for the company’s 10th anniversary, thanks to a local Vermont artist. 

On shelves at retail locations, bars, and restaurants around New England, the new merchandising and packaging showcase a take on “travel by rail” posters popular during the early 1900’s golden age of train travel. A miniature “travel poster” sticker adorns each can while the wrap portion includes hidden elements with scenes harkening back to owners’ adventures. 

The peel-off sticker concept embraces brew culture where beer and brewery stickers are collected, traded, and used as artwork on “sticker walls” at stores, restaurants, breweries, ski chalets, and construction shops, among others. For individuals, beer stickers cover coolers, water bottles, laptops, man caves, and she-sheds to represent favourites and themes. 

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