Wildpack announces record monthly earnings

Wildpack has announced record monthly sales for the second consecutive month.

In October 2022, Wildpack achieved a new record for sales, total sales orders, and new customer conversions.

October is the second consecutive month for record sales and new customer conversions, demonstrating the continued demand growth for a one-stop beverage manufacturing solution.

Wildpack’s equivalent 12-ounce can throughput in October was 17.4 million cans. Quality assurance yields remained above 90% for the month.

Wildpack announced the addition of long-term partnerships with EHP Labs and Woodstream which, in the case of EHP Labs, expands Wildpack’s customer base to include Australia, and, in the case of Woodstream, welcomes bird food, a conversion from plastic to aluminium containers driven by sustainability commitments, as a new entrant to our expanding customer base.

In the month, Wildpack brokered 11 million cans, decorated 2.91 million cans, filled 1 million cans and printed 2.5 million sleeves.

In October, our Las Vegas facility also commenced production of finished goods for customers with the newly installed Comac CFT filler. The Comac CFT filler increases the cans per minute and expands Wildpack’s can size filling capabilities.

“Eclipsing the monthly sales, total sales orders and new customer conversions for the second consecutive month are great confirmations of the Wildpack’s value proposition along with our ever-increasing reach of our sales pack team,” commented Mitch Barnard, chief executive officer.

“Wildpack’s ability to attract customers internationally and welcome new entrants to the aluminium can format like bird food, are encouraging measures of the external growing demand and the capabilities Wildpack has within our organisation to meet them.”

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