Canned food market projected to reach $38bn by 2028


The canned food market is projected to reach $38billion, growing at a CAGR of 4.8%, by 2028 according to a new report by Market Research Future.

Food that has been processed or canned provides an excellent supply of nutrients, shields the food from the elements, and is hygienic. 

The most popular canned food is packaged in metal because it is simple to use, distribute, and eat. 

As aluminium packaging is growing in popularity, it provides better security and defence against outside elements like heat and pollution. 

The primary drivers behind the growth of the worldwide canned food packaging market are the rise in demand for prepared canned meals and out-of-season food goods. 

A cost-effective way to preserve perishable commodities with little flavour alteration to canned food products. The expanding horticulture and marine processing sectors are thereby boosting the development of the canned food packaging sector.

Food in cans is utilised for various things, including portion control, barrier and contamination protection, and convenience. 

Food safety concerns are addressed through sustainable packaging, which guards against chemical contamination, food-borne illnesses, and loss reduction while maintaining food quality. 

Due to their convenience in disposal, benefits in recycling, and longer shelf life, food cans are among the widely used packaging materials in the food and beverage industry. 

Governmental programs aimed at ensuring food security are boosting the global food and beverage sector, which will increase demand for food cans as packaging.

Foods that can be preserved are in high demand as customer tastes for food goods change as living standards grow. 

People often accept canned foods because of their hermetically sealed cans’ protection against microbial contamination. 

Additionally, as society strives toward sustainability, the commercial position of metal and glass cans is strengthened by their capacity to be recycled. 

The primary drivers of the growth of the worldwide canned food packaging market are the increased demand for pre-made meals and out-of-season food items. Food product canning is a cost-effective way to preserve perishable goods with no change in flavour. 

Consequently, the packaging canned food industry is expanding due to the rising horticulture and marine processing sectors.

Canned foods are in high demand due to shifting customer preferences for goods brought on by a rise in people’s living standards. 

Furthermore, the easy accessibility of canned food with a wide range of particular tastes and options, as well as the constantly evolving lifestyle, rising disposable income, and declining prices of packaged or canned food products make them affordable for use, and all of these factors have contributed to the growth of the worldwide canned food packaging market. 

New methods of packing canned food are being developed due to technological improvements in packaging technologies, which will raise the global market over the forecasted years.

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