China’s 2022 aluminium output at record high

European Aluminium

China’s aluminium output in 2022 reached a record high, according to official data released.

Output climbed by 4.5% from the previous year to 40.21million tonnes, due to a relaxation of power supply restrictions and newly launched capacity.

The National Bureau of Statistics reported that primary aluminium output was at 3.43million tonnes in December, up from 3.41million tonnes in November. Output in December was 10.3% higher than the previous year.

December 2022 output worked out at around 110,645 tonnes per day.

The demand for aluminium is expected to continue in 2023, according to reports in Reuters.

The surge in output in 2022 was largely due to relaxation in restrictions on energy use in China, while there was newly launched capacity mainly in Inner Mongolia in the north and Guangxi and Yunnan provinces in the southwest.

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