Aluminum Association makes statement on Russian import tariffs

“The Aluminum Association has watched with growing alarm as the ripple effects of Russia’s actions in Ukraine are felt around the world.

“The aluminium industry stands united in support of any and all efforts deemed necessary by the US government and its allies to address this ongoing crisis. This is a global security and humanitarian disaster that goes far beyond the interests of any single industry.

“We will work closely with our membership to help ensure compliance with these newly announced sanctions. Russia accounts for around 3% of total US aluminium imports. (See chart below).

“The United States is importing about one-third of the Russian aluminium as it was in 2016 and 2017 (See chart below showing Russian aluminium imports to the US from 2016 through 2022).

“Many US aluminium companies have diversified away from Russian imports since sanctions (later lifted) were placed on this metal in 2018.”

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