Five RTD brands encourage on-trade to adopt cans

Five ready-to-drink brands have launched a campaign to encourage on-trade to adopt beverage cans.

The Uncommon, Jukes, MOTH Drinks, Longbottom and TRIP have launched ‘The Canifesto’, writing an open letter that cans would help reduce waste, cut costs and save time for hospitality stage.

The open letter also draws on industry statistics promoting sustainability.

For instance, a research paper by Systembolaget, the government-owned chain of liquor stores in Sweden found that 79% of CO2e could be cut from switching a 75cl glass bottle to three 250ml aluminium cans. 

Sam Hunt, co-founder of Moth Drinks, commented: “We are dedicated to supporting our on-trade partners, and the can helps us to work with them to reduce waste, energy and time whilst providing a delicious cocktail that elevates the customer’s experience.

“An example is in a recent Greenhouse Gas Analysis commissioned by Moth; we found that in scenarios with a garnish, our Espresso Martini and Margarita had 30.64% and 14.06% less GHG [greenhouse gas] emissions, respectively, per drink in the Moth canned cocktail compared to making the drink from scratch.”

Jake MacKay, CEO of canned Bloody Mary brand Longbottom & Co, added: “Cans have been the cornerstone of our packaging strategy since we launched Longbottom & Co. Their sustainability credentials are unrivalled, yet not at any cost in product quality, which is vital when delivering a premium, real tomato juice product to our customers.”

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