Monster releases new canned alcoholic drinks

Monster has launched its range of alcoholic canned beverages under the name – ‘Beast Unleashed’.

The drinks, that have a 6% ABV, have been released in four different flavours: Mean Green, Peach Perfect, White Haze and Scary Berries.

The packaging reads: “Our original crew has been making drinks for 30+ years now.

“Our favourite brand Monster is about to turn 21. We figure why not celebrate the big day by making an adult beverage. We hit delete on the energy blend, cut out the caffeine, and ditched the sugar.

“Next, we brewed up the smoothest tasting alcohol ever and blended it with our tried and true flavours. The Beast is Unleashed! Great taste, six point ‘oh my’ percent alcohol, and no sugar to weigh you down.”

The company announced its intention to release the alcoholic beverages in August and now they are hitting the shelves in the US states of California, Colorado, Florida and Ohio.

It is hoped they will be available across the entire US by the end of 2023.

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