AB InBev unveils AI designed beer in hybrid aluminium-glass cans

AB InBev has debuted a new beer and marketing campaign that was created by artificial intelligence.

Beck’s Autonomous, which celebrates the Beck’s label’s 150th anniversary, will be packaged in hybrid aluminium-glass cans.

AB InBev used ChatGPT and Midjourney to design the beer, the branding, and the marketing.

Laura Salway, the Marketing Director of Beck’s, said: “We’ve always been at the cutting edge of innovation in the beer world and thrilled to be releasing a limited-edition beer and marketing campaign made by AI.

“The beer, set to be a 5 per cent ABV Pilsner style brew, will be available in a hybrid container of half aluminium, half glass that will be available in a 330 ml packaged serve.

Initially, there will only be 450 cans of Beck’s Autonomous available to consumers in the UK, Germany and Italy.

“AI created a recipe that uses local German produce and 100 per cent natural ingredients,” Salway explained. “We find the concept that AI created a pure recipe super exciting. It knows its beer and what makes Beck’s so delicious.”

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