Ricky Gervais among Cano Water investors

Ricky Gervais was among the high profile investors in canned water brand Cano Water.

The UK-based canned water company announced a multi-million pound investment at the start of 2023 as well as launching their latest innovation – a new can called “Cano 2.0”.

Gervais retweeted the news of his investment in the company on social media.

Co-founder Josh White said: “This new can and new funding is at the heart of it, a symbol of progress – progress in terms of a change in taking on single use plastic. Our long term goal we vowed to stop a billion single use plastic bottles from entering landfill and oceans over the next 10 years. And it’s our customers’ continued support that is proving to us that we can turn the tide on single use plastic.”

Co-founder Perry Alexander said: “The brand has come a long way since launching back in early 2015. Our logo is now confidently front and centre with a clear hierarchy, accompanied by new design elements to compliment it without compromising the clean, elegant look and feel. We initially set out to update the design without changing it – a design evolution.”

Cano Water is now being stocked in major retail outlets like Tesco as well as hotel brands and on Virgin Atlantic flights.

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